Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another round of Cafe Con Leche - please!

Yo! Due to a couple of requests, here is a updated repost of the kidpoptastic duo of Cafe Con Leche! Updated due to the inclusion of 4 new tracks, which include another single Sing Your Song! Which means the entire output of the group! How amazing is that! While not reaching the phonic heights of Land of Light, the additional numbers do capture that Cafe Con Leche spirit of love, light and happiness, which is pretty groovy!

Included are as follows:

The Bubble Gum Song/Puppy Bobby
The Land of Light/Fly Away
Sing Your Song/Do It Again

Bit of more info on the group. The two members were called Monica Glaysher and Freddy McCoy - both who had fathers who worked in a US Army Base in Spain. Monica's dad was the leader of the choir, while Freddy's was an aviation sargeant. Whats twice as cool is that they both co-wrote some of their songs! Enjoy once more!


Geoff said...

This is pretty good, thanks!

On a unrelated note, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to repost the Debutantes and The Blades albums.

cinnamonK said...

Hey - Thanks for the commentage! Sorry to let you know that for now the Debutantes and Blades remain a one off posting on my Myspace site for the moment - There may be fairly soon a Debuantes website, where you'll be able to listen to some of their songs -

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey - the boy in this group is my daughter's father!! His name was Freddie McCoy. He passed away tragically in 1984. How can I find actual copies of these songs? I only have the record cover of The Bubblegum Song/Puppy Bobby record!

mommat said...

hello i am freddys sister my name is tonda longstreth. i really love your site. let me say we went to spain in 1973.Our father wa in the air force, and mr glasher was my music teacher at torrejon high school. our mom and mr glaysher co wrotesome of the song for monica and freddy. mom and freddy have passed away.but live in his children.please keep me in mind and let me hear from you. at god bless mrs tonda longstreth.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'anonymous'. I know who the singer of this group is. If you want, I can pass you her contact (is she agrees). Mail me: madresabubu{at}hotmail{dot}com

Dayn said...

I was in Royal Oaks when that song came out. I still have the original record.