Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Veritable Ms Beryl Marsden!

One of the most talented female vocalists to emerge from the United K during the sixties beat boom was one Beryl Marsden. Much has been written on the lass allready so I'll keep it short but sweet! A great place to start is the entry on the amazing ReadySteadyGirls website. Essential reading too is Beryl's own biog at the Merseybeat website - fascinating stuff! I do wonder if she ever did record anything with She Trinty?? I do hopes so! This collection collates some of Beryl's lesser known recordings - which I do hope you enjoy! The full list is as follows:

Who You Gonna Hurt? (Columbia DB 7718 1965)
When The Lovelight Starts Shinin' (Decca F11818 1964)
Music Talk (Columbia DB7797 1965)
Let's Go Somewhere (Columbia DB 7888 1966)
I Only Care About You (Decca F11707 1963)
I Know (You Dont Love Me No More) (Decca F11707 1963)
Gonna Make Him My Baby (Columbia DB 7718 1965)
Everybody Loves a Lover (Live)

Excitingly Beryl is back and recording! Her new website is up and running here and features some great pictures and links to some fab new singles too!