Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Date With Toni McCann

Sorry for the lace of updateness of late, especially of the bubblegum kind! - and there's none to be found this time either - but!!!! - it is the turn of Aussie belter Toni McCann to take centre stage - and take it she does! A fantastic interview with Toni can be found here on the Wild About You website. But to paraphrase it a little here's a short summise!

English born Toni emigrated to Australia around the age of 15, where immdiately she set about forging in her way in the music biz. After a meeting at a talent contest with beat group The Blue Jays and regularly performing live as their leading lady she scored a regular slot on the Saturday Date music show as well as laying down the shows title theme. The group went on to release two stomin' singles, incuding the tracks My Baby, No, Saturday Date and If You Don't Come Back - all included here! I urge you to read on at Wild About You too!

Here's a rad vid of Toni and Royce Nicholls of The Blue Jays from the everwondermine of YouTube!

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