Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Veritable Ms Beryl Marsden!

One of the most talented female vocalists to emerge from the United K during the sixties beat boom was one Beryl Marsden. Much has been written on the lass allready so I'll keep it short but sweet! A great place to start is the entry on the amazing ReadySteadyGirls website. Essential reading too is Beryl's own biog at the Merseybeat website - fascinating stuff! I do wonder if she ever did record anything with She Trinty?? I do hopes so! This collection collates some of Beryl's lesser known recordings - which I do hope you enjoy! The full list is as follows:

Who You Gonna Hurt? (Columbia DB 7718 1965)
When The Lovelight Starts Shinin' (Decca F11818 1964)
Music Talk (Columbia DB7797 1965)
Let's Go Somewhere (Columbia DB 7888 1966)
I Only Care About You (Decca F11707 1963)
I Know (You Dont Love Me No More) (Decca F11707 1963)
Gonna Make Him My Baby (Columbia DB 7718 1965)
Everybody Loves a Lover (Live)

Excitingly Beryl is back and recording! Her new website is up and running here and features some great pictures and links to some fab new singles too!


Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR Beryl Marsden!

Anonymous said...

Is that Rod Stewart (Small faces ) in the background?
I'm missing the very fine cover of Irma Thomas's "Breakaway" in the compiliation. I'll gladly mail it to you.



EXPO67 said...

That picture of The Shotgun Express looks just like the one I scanned and posted on my blog.

Hovi said...

Never heard
Will hear now
Thanks for the share.

Ready steady girls! said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link. You and I clearly share a taste in music. Do you fancy sharing links permanently? Please come back to me via the Contact Us page on the RSG site.

All the best, Graham