Friday, 5 October 2007

Some advice from The Nu-Luvs

The Nu-Luvs were another girl group taken under the wing by maestro, Shadow Morton. Originally 'Dressed in Black' was recorded as a b-side for The Shangri-Las single 'He Cried.' Deciding that he could make it a hit with another group, he found a group called the Nu-Luvs, craftily changed the title of the song, keeping the backing track while just rerecording the vocals but unfortunately for him it was anything but. Another group called The Pussycats, under genius arranger Artie Butler, recorded the song as well, this time with a refigured and rejigged backing. The jury's out wheter Shadow had much involvement in that release, but considering that is also labelled a 'Phantom Product' it may have some of his touch. That went kinda nowhere as well! In my opinion nothing can beat the Shangri-La original, however out of the two covers The Nu-Luvs version has the upper crust! Mostly because The Pussycats cut out the so soft, so warm part - why??! I ask! Anyhow the reason for my posting is to let you hear the b-side of this great single, as you might allready have or have heard the a-side. 'Take My Advice' is one girls lament to another while she cries to herself in her room, much like the other side! I've also included the remastered version of So Soft, So Warm, as my copy is a bit crappy. Enjoy!