Thursday, 27 September 2007

Man!.... It's the Daisy Clan!

Now....Back to some Bubblegum! And this week's delight is none other than part-Belgian, part-German combo The Daisy Clan! Even though I may say that with a certain degree of conviction, I sadly in fact do not know much about this wonderful group. But I can let the music speak for itself! Well...the record covers tells some of the story anyhow! Included in the package are 10 of their tracks, which is almost all of their recorded output - I think so anyhow! Highlights include the brilliant Billy Vanilly (no relation to Milli Vanilli) and an English language cover of Du Hast Mich by Howard Carpendale. Hope you like them as much as I do!


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

How sad the file is dead (link works, but file is no longer hosted).

I believe to remember that Michael Holm (and or Giorgio Moroder???) was/were involved in Daisy Clan.

If anyone knows an alive link, please drop me a note!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Stupid Little Me,

I was not quite right yesterday about the Daisy Clan.

It was not Moroder and Holm (that duo relesed productions under the name Spinach), but instead Michael Holm with Alfie Khan, who is really Joachim Heider!

Michael Holm should be known to all german speakers, his Schlager career is wide since 1965 and has not stopped yet. In October 2008 his latest album came out. He produced Guildo Horn and Cusco and many others I forgot.

His own hits were (among many others)
"Wie der Sonnenschein",
"Nachts scheint die Sonne",
"Barfuss im Regen",
"Nur ein Kuss, Maddalena",
"Traenen luegen nicht",
"Wart' auf mich",

as well as german versions of "Lucille and "El Lute".

Joachim Heider is mainly a composer and writer, rather than a singer. He discovered well-known Schlager singers Marianne Rosenberg and Christian Anders, both were also produced by him over years.

Many of his compositions are widely known hits, sung by others. Here are just a few:

Rot ist die Liebe (1969, Anna-Lena)

Alle Wünsche kann man nicht erfüllen (1965, Michael Holm)

Geh' nicht vorbei (1969, Christian Anders)

Mister Paul McCartney (1970, Marianne Rosenberg)

Er ist nicht wie Du (1971, Marianne Rosenberg)

Fremder Mann (1971, Marianne Rosenberg)

Ich leg' mein Herz in Deine Hände (1971, Marianne Rosenberg)

Nur die Liebe läßt uns leben (1972, Mary Roos)

Er war Student in Heidelberg (1974, Dorthe Kollo)

Wären Tränen aus Gold (1974, Marianne Rosenberg)

Er liebt mich (1974, Siw Malmkvist)

Er gehört zu mir (1975, Marianne Rosenberg)

Und es war Sommer (1976, Peter Maffay)

Lieder der Nacht (1976, Marianne Rosenberg)

Manchmal möchte ich schon mit dir (1982, Roland Kaiser)

Joana (1984, Roland Kaiser)

Can U feel it (Weather Girls)

Both Michael Holm and Joachim Heider are Germans. Neither of them is Belgian. So the tag Belgium is wrong here.

I am still looking for that album you had posted here in Sept.2007.

My own blog has not many posts to download, I even stopped in October after one post got deleted without warning and without reason. I have only dial-up at home, and uploading songs for a post takes days.

But I have a really big archive of music, and I would offer a bet that whatever you might be looking for, I might have it. I would offer another album in swap for this one, I mean a link to it. My husband can download rar files in his office, so one big file would be no problem. Please drop me a note.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

many thanks for you, thank you for this great album!!!

please do you have this anothers albuns???
and others singles from Giorgio moroder???

1969 – That’s Bubblegum That’s Giorgio (Hansa)
1. Looky, Looky
2. Mendocino
3. Mercy
4. Make Me Your Baby
5. Sorry Suzanne
6. Yummy Yummy Yummy
7. Bad Moon Rising
8. Proud Mary
9. Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In
10. Muny Muny Muny
11. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

1973 – Giorgio’s Music (Philips)
1. Marrakesch (4:04)
2. Viel Glück, Christina (3:52)
3. Her Mit Dem Geld (3:30)
4. Viele Phrasen (3:33)
5. Zigaretten Und Mädchen Und Wein (3:11)
6. Hilf Dir Selbst (3:07)
7. Ich Komm Nach Haus (4:11)
8. Nostalgie (3:19)
9. Ja, Ja, Ja (Wie Ist Werbung Wunderbar) (3:08)
10. Eine Alte Melodie (4:55)

Rock Romance - Orchester Mr. Moroder And The Giovanni Singers (single 1965)
A - Baby Courreges
B - Warum hoer' ich nichts von dir
A - Cinnamon 2.43
A - Monja
B - Raggi di sole
A - Lina Con La Luna (Moody Trudy) 2:15
B - Senza te, senza me (Happy Birthday)
A - Lookie, Lookie (Looky, Looky)
2. Proud Mary
3. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
B - Watch Yourself
B - Everybody Join Hands (4.15)
B - Crippled Words 3.33
B - Sandy
A - The Future Is Past 3.44
B - Blue Jean Girl 3.22 3.22
A - Born To Die 3:35
B - Strongest Of The Strong
A - Lie, Lie, Lie 2:59
B - Collico 3:20
A - Bricks And Mortar 2:56
B - It's A Shame 3:32
A - Rock Me To My Soul 3.20
B - Dark and Deep and Inbetween 3.34
A - A Car Is Born (single 1988)
B - Geh zu ihm 2:24