Thursday, 13 December 2007

La Merveilleux Delphine Desyeux!

Hey! Didn't think I would post another so soon?!! Well here's one regardless!

Born in 1953 Delphine first found fame by starring in a French television series called L´âge
heureux in 1966 about a young girl (Delphine) who enrolls as a student at a ballet school. A year later she starred in a film called Les Risques du métier with pop sensation Jacques Brel. 1967 was also the year that she released her first EP, Ton anniversaire. One more followed in 1968, L'amie, le petit chien et le garçon que j'aimais bien and another in 1969, featuring YeYe classic Je Suis Le Tigresse, a cover of Lulu's I Am A Tiger. One final one was issued in 1970 entitled Un Brin De Soleil. Another release, La Chanson De L'Age Heureux, was issued in Canada and possibly in France and is likely the title song to her debut film. I've not been able to collate much further info about the lovely Delphine, but check out these great advertisements she did (along with Chantal Kelly and Alice Dona) promoting Bella dolls!

And so I bring to you that first EP she provided her vocal prowess for - Ton anniversaire! Featuring 4 very sweet numbers, L'hiver, Que s'en vienne la nuit, Ton Anniversaire and Si j'etais le vent. Enjoy!


Big thanks to Marina with this extra info on Delphine! She also starred in the movie L'homme qui rit, playing the character of Dea. Directed by Jean Kerchbron the film is an adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel. Delphine now teaches ballet in the south of France. Here's a picture of Delphine along with fellow actor Philippe Bouclet in the movie, taken from this site!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!! delphine releases seem to be very hard to come by.

esmenard.victor said...

Thank you for this record. Nice songs, beautiful young girl, everything's fine :-)