Saturday, 1 December 2007


Lollipops, now are they just great? But a group of lollipops, now that's even better!

Firstly I must apologise for a lack of updates, partly due to uncertainty on what to post, partly to due to time, but mostly due to lethargy! But hey "The Daughters" hopefully made up for it - right??! Anyhow on with the new and belated post of the yummy kind!

Most of the groups and artists featured are named under the candied delight of "The Lollipops" However I must stress to point out that the term "Lollipop" forms part of some of the groups monkiers - but only a few - and they always come in different varieties. All in all its a real mixture with guys, girls and indeed lil kids in on the action! Lets now start with those called The Lollipops!

The Lollipops - Don't Monkey With Me
Arranged by the legendary Teacho Wiltshire, and! one-half written by prolific girl group author Larry Kusik - these girls hailed possibly from New York. Judging by the picture sleeve they look tons of fun!

The Lollipops - Words Aint Enough
These Danish beat boys rocked their homeland and beyond in the 60's. Formed in 1960 while still pre-teens their career blossomed throughout the decade, this song one of their finest!

The Lollipops - Cheating is Telling On You, Step Aside Baby, Loving Good Feeling
The only group featured that has more that one track are these fine girl Lollipops from Detriot, who recorded on these on a Motown subsidiary - why more than one? - well....just take a listen!

The Lollypops - Believe in Me
These 'pops recorded on the Holland label in 1958 - some tasty doo-wop for you!

Now for the rest!

The Lollypoppers - A Bottle of Pop and a Lollypop
Try saying that quickly 3 times over! Some more wop pop!

Becky and the Lollipops - My Boyfriend
Interesting record! Becky and the Lollipops were none other than a pseudonym for Ricky Page and her family who also recored under the names of The Bermudas, Joanne & the Triangles, The Majorettes and Beverly and the Motorscooters.

The Good Ship Lollipop - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Great bubblegum-psych released in 1969. Incidentally the Danish Lollipops also recored a version!

The Electric Lollipop - The Lightning Bug
Kid garage as featured in the Girls in the Garage and Only in America compilations.

Prof. Morrisons Lollipop - Oo-poo-pa
Amazing bubblegum classic! So, so catchirific!

Lil Bob and the Lollipops - Stop
The king of swamp pop appears with this classic!

The Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be a Witch
Stand out track from these psychedellers previously known as The Weeds

Die Lollipops - Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass
Em, did I say all the tracks were classics?!


mhr_kara said...

i'm glad you're posting again. i love this blog. :D

debi pomeroy said...

I love what you wrote about my band from the sixties, THE DAUGHTERS OF EVE.
It is nice to be thought of after 40 years of being associated with the music biz.
Debi Pomeroy/drummer

wilthomer said...

Denmark's Lollipops were an amazing group. Their "Stop Before You Break My Heart" is a great Motown rip off ("It's The Same Old Song" to be exact)as is "Lies" which borrows a bit from The Who's "Substitute", though interestingly enough their original "Words Ain't Enough" predates the melody of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" by a good 8-9 years!

debi pomeroy said...

I agree with mhr_kara. I am glad that you are posting again!

debi pomeroy said...

I am also happy that you are posting again!! happy new year!