Thursday, 6 August 2009

The All Girl Chips!

Howdy! Excitingly this update we have some more sixties female rock'n'rollers to add to the rooster! As you can see from the picture sleeve above, The Chips were one with a definete penchant for geometrics! As well as the look, the group also had the crudentials according to the blurb on the back of the sleeve - and it goes something like this.....

"The Chips are destined to be this country's next No.1 all-girl group. They're that good! So good, in fact, that one of their moee recent jobs was touring with the Paul Revere and the Raiders Show. From Chicago the Chips are Daren Pasterik, Sheri Hartman, Aleat Maciejewski, Klayre Hartmann and Charlotte O'Neill. While many all-female acts are thought of as a novelty, the Chips are far from that category. There are many top male groups whose members wish they could play and sing as well.

When your'e finished listening to "Break It Gently," the group's first single for Phillips, we're certain you'll agree that the Chips are one of the top acts in the record business-fellows included!"

While perhaps not fufilling the destiny as heralded by the label, the group did manage to release another single on ABC Paramount and do some extensive touring nationwide. The exact fate of the group is a mystery, but I'm guessing they parted ways at some point along the way! They were hoever formed in Chicago as early as 1966 and lasted till 1968/69, when the singles were released. Chicago itself did seem to produce it's fair share of female groups, most famously The Daughters of Eve and also The Marie-Antoinettes. More importantly how do they sound?????? Well a bit of a mix really! Lead single "Break It Gently" is fair enough, think mid-tempo girl group soul. However the cover of Patty and The Emblems "Mixed Up Shook Up Girl" is much more successful. Their second single for ABC Paramount is a tale of two stories too! "When You Hold Me Baby," written by band member Sheri Hartman, is garage soul crossover with in the lead singer in growling fine form - certainly their best recording. Their flip is more ballad-like and take note of the picture of Mickey Mouse detailed on the sleeve as he reappears lyrically in "Dream With Your Eyes..." - natch!
Here's what's included ::
Break It Gently/Mixed Up Shook Up Girl (Phillips 40521 1968)
When You Hold Me Baby/Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open (ABC Paramount 11158 1968)


Esmenard Victor said...

Thank you. Your posts are always a pleasure :)

Chicago Joe said...


Jean-Luc said...

Oh very nice

Corey said...


I wanted to inquire about the Chips album. My late aunt, Klayre, was Klayre Hartmann from the group. My family has been searching like crazy to find her old music.

Do you know where I would be able to get the album? If you have it, would you be interested in selling it?

Sorry for the crazy post, but I am amazed that I finally found something from her history.

cinnamonK said...

Hi Corey,

Thanks very much for your post, great to hear from somone related to the group. Very sorry to hear about the passing of your aunt, Klayre Hartmann, but I hope I can help you and your family out. Both records are available to buy on the music marketplace site, - just search for the Chips and they'll pop up. I would suggest eBay to get them for a better price, the record with the picture sleeve comes up quite often so it's worth to keep tabs on it. Their other record is actually on eBay right now ( - cheap price!

Hope that helps anyhow! I'll just reaffirm my love fot your aunt's group - they seem like they made a great combo. If it's not too much trouble could I ask you if you know much information on their story, anything you may have would be amazing to hear about. One vital question I have to ask too is about any further releases the group might have issued aside from the two records I've posted? You can always e-mail me through my profile link if you preferred.

Thanks for to taking the time to write!


Anonymous said...

my girl friend was the lead singer of the marie antoinetts we have a few pic's any info would be helpful.

Corey said...

Matt -

Thank you for the tips. I found a couple 45's on ebay. Hopefully it will all work out.

As for the group, I believe there was only the two releases. My aunt never really liked to talk about her time in the group. But over time I have heard some pretty amazing stories. She got to travel the world singing in a band at such a young age. It is pretty cool to think about.

I will talk to my mom and see what I can dig up as far as stories go. If you want to send me an email to I will try to get you some good stories.

Again, thank you for your help!

blarneybull said...

Hey Corey, I am the tall Chip in the back on this pic. I knew your Aunt very well. We played together for four years all across the USA and in Germany for a USO tour. So sorry to hear of her passing. You can reach me on Facebook. Charlotte O'Neill is the name. Contact me. I'm in search of pictures myself.

Donna J said...

Hi I'm Donna I was the last drummer with the Chips. So sorry to hear about Klayre. I believe Daren, bass player, has also passed on. Char , lead guitar and I are still together in a very good band.Sherri lives in a nearby Chicago North West Burb. We did a 21 day tour in Europe. I originally heard them upon the request of Dwight, was the manager, who found me thru Frank's Drum Shop on Wabash in Chicago, to check them out at the Aragon Ballroom on Lawrence in Chicago. I was quite impressed. I then agreed to meet them at Lord Jims (lounge) at 55th and Archer (ish) and sat in to "Reach Out" and we had another meeting and off we went to Boston for a private party. And then saved a failing night club with standing room only at That's Life Show Lounge at 95th and Western, where we did 3 shows per nite. And then off to Europe via the William Morris Booking Agency for 21 days on USO Tour. Klayre and Sherri were a stitch and great performers. I can go on and on. I also have a lot of the posters from Villa Venice and loads of promo. Tell me how to transition it to this Blog and i will forward what I have. We performed with many famous performers. Paul Revere, Supremes on Dick Clarks Caravan of Stars. Too much!

cinnamonK said...

Hi Donna and Charlotte, thanks for getting touch - both fantastic and fascinating to hear from members of the group - and a brilliant group at that!

Wonderful to hear a bit more about the actual time the group were together Donna, sounds like it must have been a ball touring! Did you make it to the UK on your European tour? I just ask since I hail from there so it would be fun to know if you did gig over here! What kind of material did you usually perform? I hope "When you Hold Me Baby" got a few plays, as it really is a great song - Sherri did a top job writing it!

If you would like, you can send any material you would like me to post at - obviously I would to see it too - sounds fantastic! I'll also update the post with any information you would like to further include and amend any mistakes too!

Wow, what a great start to 2011 - can't wait to hear back!