Sunday, 16 September 2007

Act III, A lost Shadow Morton Girl Group

Here's a 45 by mystery girl group, Act III, from 1966 and released on Bell subsidiary, Mala records. What makes this an interesting stand out are the people behind it. The A-side, Sweet Anticipation, is produced and arranged by the legendary George "Shadow" Morton. Production credits also go to fellow Shangri-La writer Tony Michaels, who was also their manager before the girls signed to Red Bird and once owned radio station WBAB. Tony and George were also in a group together in Long Island called The Marquees. The two writers are also quite interesting as well! One of them, Erik Darling, was an important player in the folk revival period in the early 60's. The flipside, "I'm Gonna Try and Be Better", is also produced by Morton alongside a Warren Mills and Elliot Sachs. Regrettably I cannot find a single thing about the girls themselves. I was almost excited when I saw the name as there is an all girl band from the late 60's called Act IV, so logically it could have been them sans one member, however the dates don't match up! The record itself is not too spectacular, and slight departure from what you would expect from a "Shadow" Morton girl group ala The Shangri-Las/Nu-Luvs/Pussycats, but it has its charm! The B-side is a bit more rockin', and could sound like it was from an all girl band - ^___^ - Anyhow it is a very interesting piece of history nonetheless! Enjoy!


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