Thursday, 20 September 2007

A chap called Edouard

Here's a cool find! First a bit of back story.. Firstly in France, a guy called Antoine scored a hit with a record called Les Elucubrations D'Antoine back in 1966. The record upon release stirred up a bit of controversy, in part due to his free flowing locks and a fondness for flowered shirts, but also due to the record's forward comments on social issues such as the pill and imported rock'n'roll ala Johnny Halliday. While artists in his succession tried to emulate his Dylan-esque vibes, he did have his fair share of detractors. In fact he inspired a slew of parody, ....I guess tributes!, that mocked Antoine's forwardness and style. One of these was a guy called Edouard, who responded to Antoine in his song My Name is Edouard, while sporting a knee-length wig and a natty pair of bermuda shorts! All in good sport of course!...maybe! Anyhow here's a vid of said song and le mp3s to match! Also included is a direct parody of Les Elucubrations D'Antoine called coincidently Les Hallucinations d'Edouard.

I Am A Download!

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