Saturday, 1 September 2007

A double dose of Café con Leche!

Time to get another fix of bubblegum..., and this time its a total sugar high.... with added fuzz!

Café con Leche were two young American kids who released at least two records in Spain in '72/'73. For what reasons and the amount
of success the record acheived are unknown, but its great that they did! The Spanish speaking world during the 70's and early 80's seemed to have a thing for groups featuring young members, with artists such as La Pandilla, Los Chicos and Parchis garnering massive success in Spain and Latin America, so I guess this is somehow related to the craze!

The first single the band released was The Bubble Gum Song (nana-nana) which absoultely blistering, just like digging into a big knickerblocker glory - makes you very hungry after listening tho'! The next, Land of Light, manages to do one better and becomes a total fuzz fest. This thing is epic!

Anyhow here's the two said tracks!

I Am a Download!


Anonymous said...

Could you PLEASE upload this again?
Thank you so very much!

Andy Harwood said...

I would also be hugely grateful if you uploaded this again. I just heard it on wfmu and now it's my favourite song ever.

Anonymous said...

please re-upload...why is it the best music blogs have such short spans (either they disappear or delete their own posts), while thousands of garage-psych albums stay available forever. no respect for bubblegum fans.

cinnamonK said...

Hey! Just to say that Cafe Con Leche shall be making a reappearace soon - with all! their releases, including their 3rd single Sing Your Song, so I hope thats good news!

Roberto said...

please upload again this fantastic band

Anonymous said...

sexy said...
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