Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Daughters of Eve Collection

"Don't waste my time..."

Up my audiophilic sleeve this update, I am proud to pull out the whole catalogue of, perhaps, one of the most definitive all female bands from the sixties - the beautifully talented Daughters of Eve! This band, hailing from the windy city, had a career that spanned from 1965 to '68. In those 3 years the band release four singles, and members included Marsha Tomal (Organ/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Debi Pomeroy (Drums), Judy Johnson (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Andee Levin, Marilou Davion and Lori Wax (all on bass). The full story of these girls can be found on the ever-wonderful institution that is Spectropop - check it out sharpish if you havnae all ready!

The two strongest songs (Don't Waste My Time and Help Me Boy) have allready been compiled on Girls With Guitars and Girls in the Garage, however the original compositions Symphony of My Soul and Social Tragedy are still damn good! Also included in the package are covers of Hey Lover, Stand By Me, He Cried and A Thousand Stars. As an added bonus there's a radio spot promoting a gig! Lovely!