Friday, 18 January 2008

The Orange Krush

Hey! Just something quick and slightly strange! Mainly because I don't know anything about it. Fitting loosley into the pop-psych category it came out as the first release on Hype records at somepoint in the 60's! The titles are Get Yourself Together/Window of My Eyes - and kinda also fits into the early 20th century referential theme ala The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde - Enjoy!

Monday, 7 January 2008

The Bantams - Follow Me

Hey! Just to continue the kid-pop theme here are The Bantams performing 'Follow Me Girl' - great stuff and enought to cheer up any old January day! And once I get their LP (eventually!) you can be assured you'll here it here!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

I Know I'm In Love With Chee Chee and Peppy!

Hey! And who's here to give us a warm welcome to the year of 2008? Well it's the fabbest duo to come out of the spangle paradise that was the 70's, Chee Chee and Peppy! - wow that's like 36 years ago! (Man, need to stop watching Countdown....)

Anyway! Just who were Chee Chee and Peppy??? Well after some snooping or the SoufulDetriot forums - here's some background infomation and musings!

Chee Chee (Keith Boilling) was born in 1957 in Frankfort, PA while Peppy (Dorothy Moore) entered into the world in Morristown, PA in 1959. The jury's out on whether they were brother or sister (which would make them a MUCHO cooler Same Difference), but they both got together in 1971 (14 and 12 years old respectively) to eventually record two full albums and few singles to add to the bargain! Apparently they named themselves after their pet dogs, which they reported when they appeared on an recording of the Soul Time music show!

You may have heard "I Know I'm In Love", their most successful single, and hopefully like me admit that it is the upmost A-mazing slice of Bubblegum soul! And so I eventually managed to seek out their first self-titled LP from 1972, for a resonable amount as well - and love it I did! Released on Buddah records, it was masterminded by notable producer Jesse James, with him making up the vast majority of the songwriting credits. Also included are covers of Mocking Bird and This Magic Moment. Of note is the included version of I Know I'm In Love seems to be a slightly different version to the released single, as Chee Chee's voice is a tad deeper (naturally I guess considering it was recorded a year later!) and runs for a slightly shorter frame of time.

After "I Know..." the hits dried up but eventually the two came back to release another album and single on the Branding Iron label, both called Super You.

Ok ok, now here's the place where you can lap up and listen to this gooey-soul masterpiece!!!