Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mark Radice and the Ten Year Old Blues

Jeezo! Sorry (yet again) for abstaining from posting on this dear blog/graveyard/wasteland......but!....I have returned (for now) and with something I hope you will all enjoy. Continuing with child singing sensations comes the complete pre-puberty releases of the very talented Mark Radice. The son of record producer Gene Radice, Mark shone from a very early age in the studio - writing over 50 of his own compositions by the age of 11. His first release came at the age of 10 with Wooden Girl/Save Your Money in 1967, then Natural Morning/You Took the Words Right Out of My Life in 1968, followed by 10,000 Year Old Blues/Three Cheers (For the Sad Man) in the same year. Finally came Richest Man In the World/Girl By The Meter in '69, which was the last single before his self-titled debut album in 1971. In addition to both singing and writing the releases - he also played a part in producing and arranging the records too - nice! After allowing these recordings flow down your ear canals, I'm sure you'll agree with me on what a superb talent Mark was and indeed still is! Mr Radice grew up to become a successful songwriter (including a variety of numbers for Sesame Street - wahey!) and his official site is here for much more information and a full discog. I've also split it into two parts as my connection aint what it used to be!