Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Go Go World of Lada Edmund

Perhaps one of the most legendary of go-go girls was a dancer known to the masses as Lada Edmund Jr., where many a viewer in mid-sixties America tuned in every week to watch her perform the "frug" amongst others, sometimes and sometimes not doing so whilst in a bird cage. Music show Hullaballoo was her home, and where she made her name. However, Lada first came to prominence at the young age of 13 when she starred on Broadway in the role of Penelope Ann in Bye Bye Birdie. As a result she scored a record deal with Chancellor records, releasing the cut Foxy/The Answer in 1961. Foxy was also recorded by labelmate claudine Clark for her album, Party Lights. Giver her tender age, Lada gives a surprsingly raucaus and forward performance. Later in 1962 came her second record, now recording under her new alias of Lada Edmund Jr., with the release I Want A Man/This Time, this time on the Roulette label. And again a record that sounds quite charged for its time. Written by. After a gap of 4 years, Lada's third single was released on the . Now an established dancer on Hullaballo she adopts a softer tone of voice of this release. Lada was also given the chance to perform I Know Somthing on the show, as you can see below in the clip! Next came what is now considered a classic Northern soul staple, The LaRue. Backed with Soul a Go Go it was released in 1966 on Decca, and after a listen, theres is no wonder why it is held in such high regard. The last release came the following, the brilliant Trouble, a release which combines intense production, snappy lyrics and Lada's trademark flirtatious lilt to great effect. You can find all of these records apart from Soul a Go Go in the download below - you can preview the best on the relevant links too! For more on Lada's career and recent happenings please check her great site out, with some lovely pictures and information here which I very much urge everyone to check out. Here's the full rundown of the zip too.

The Answer / Foxy (Chancellor 1094) 1961
I Want A Man / This Time (Roulette 4449) 1962
I Know Something / Once Upon A Time (Decca 31937) 1966
The Larue (Decca 32007) 1966
Trouble (Is His Middle Name) / Boopsie (Coral 62534) 1967

Preview Foxy
Preview I Want A Man
Preview The LaRue
Preview Trouble