Sunday, 16 March 2008

Unknown Acetate - River Girl

Hey! Coming up this week is this mysterious acetate I found lurking in the depths of some random vinyls. Pretty standard late 60's affair Im reckoning but if any could tell me who the male crooner might be that would be ace!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

D'Lynn Crist Has Got You

Hey! Another quick post to mention an update of my myspace blog, Girl Garage Mayhem, that features one amazing record at the momento by D'Lynn Crist, definitely one the girl garage greats! From the Mary Weiss-esque despondent vocals to the pounding backing garage beat, and of course the spoken interludes - its pure and sheer genius and written no less by the lady herself. The record itself was issued on a label set up by her father, a local Cincinatti car dealership mogul, round 1967. D'Lynn also released at least one further record - which of course I would love to get my grubby mits on. Hope you enjoy it as much as me! And oh yes the others and preety darn swell too!