Sunday, 12 September 2010

Grégory - LSD, Chaussures et Moutons

Grégory Ken, or Monsieur Jean-Pierre Trochu to give his full alias had a long and varied career in the world of music. First as a guitarist in the group Claude et ses Tribuns, then for acts such as Annie Cordy and France Gall. However not content with being behind the scenes, he embarked upon a solo career circa '66 with his premier and most sought after EP, LSD et Système D - one of the most swingly awesome odes to the drug. Not content with one dedication to cultural phenomena, he also debuted with another ode to the heroes of the modern age - Gadgets! Writing with his partner Joe Galigan, he released at least two further EP's before the decade closed, Je Fais La La La, and Un Trou Dans Ma Chaussure, a cover of the group Traffic's Hole In My Shoe. With Un Trou... Mr Ken broke out to experiment with more eastern sounds, while Je Fais... concentrated on more established freakbeatisms - all with great results! After these he embarked upon a career in musicals, initally with a role in the French production of Hair plus Jesus Christ Superstar and Mayflower. He is also notable for creating the character of Ziggy in one of the first rock operas, Starmania. After that he a pop duo in 1981 by the name of Chargrin D'Amour. Finally he branched out into the commercial jingle genre from 1991 - till his death from cancer in 1996. This collection I've compiled includes his first 3 EP's - and breakdown like this ::

LSD et Système D (1966)
LSD et Système D
Les Héros Modernes (Gadgets)
Les Grands Chemins

Je Fais La La La EP (1967)
Je Fais La La La
Il Faudra Bien M'y Faire
Les Trucs Anglais

Les Moutons

Un Trou Dans Ma Chassure EP (1967)
Un Trou Dans Ma Chassure
De Toute Les Couleurs
Ne T'en Fais Pas
Plus Un Mot De Toi

Please preview the songs in the links within the songs titles, and dowload some pill popping tunes below!