Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Laura Ulmer Collection

From the back of Laura's Canadian LP (roughly translatedly...)


-- She is 18 years old
-- Her name is LAURA, after her grandmother
-- She missed her exams
-- She scores a zero in maths
-- She insulted the people of Niçois

.....and she sings without accent

LAURA ULMER, daughter of GEORGES (of Danois) and BETTY (of Niçoise) has a sense of humour that her parents do not necessarily appreciate. For example when she wrote "BISMARK" was a "blouson noir", which contributed to him "missing the boat".... She also appreciates the experiences of her scientist brother who builds rockets with cigarette cases and bombs with cartons of fruit juice.

---"He found his hardware in the dustbins of MAMN restaurant, in the south. At night he wakes up everyone! Even the policemen who were frightened: they thought it was gunshots"

Every coin has its flip-side, a sentimantal LAURA recounts.

"When I'm happy, I laugh and do nothing. When I am sad, I write sad poems, or songs: the latter beginning with "Ma chance est partie avec toi" has been completely redone before I finish singing!"

LAURA writes in a diary, every day, before falling asleep

"Mom is so strange ... She would love to get their hands on it! But I use a special technique and write in reverse as Leonardo de Vinci...."

Indeed, LAURA writes from right to left with remarkable ease, but this would not put off the indiscreet BETTY if she "came across" the diary as the secrets of her daughter would be revealed in a mirror!

LAURA hit upon the idea of singing three years ago:

"A guitarist had come to the resturaunt, I sang with him. Mum told me "Go on, I'll give you some advice"

Mum, who is very practical woman and until that night had two main concerns: Dad's business and the threat of dismissal hanging over the head of her daughter from school. She now has a third preoccupation, since she is now the impresario of young LAURA who indeed promises a lot.

LAURA who dons skirts and is captivated by cartoons is not all influenced by the career of her father

"Papa is also not my type of man," she comments, "I prefer the finesse of DELON"

This gentleman, (Alain) DELON, who "will" eventually sweep LAURA off her feet into marrigedom has no risk of dying from obesity.

"I hate cooking LAURA readily admits. Just like mum! Dad on the other hand actually does like it, but the fact is it's just inedible: too many spices, everything, and he is alone in liking the end result. However he succeeds with one dish, paella: which is rather funny, for a Dane! "

... And now, if you want to meet this young lass who will never "cordon bleu" elsewhere on the cover of this record, then go to the cinema: LAURA never misses a 18 rated movie. ....


Ah, Laura! What a gal eh! ^___^ - Sadly I don't think her wish of nabbing that Alain Delon came into being - what could have been! Right well as you have probably have gathered this post is dedicated to one of the fabbest of the swinging chanteuses, Mlle Laura Ulmer, best (and most likely only) known for her song "Amoureux D'une Affiche," certainly one of the finest examples of how adoringly cute vocals and great beat combine in Yéyé glory! And of course it does leave one wanting more of this girl. Dribs and drabs of her other work had to do till I got my hands on her long player, which is basically a compilation of her 3 EPs, and I certainly was not "déçu"!

The songs breakdown thus.....

Jimmy Attends Moi
Je N'Oublierai Jamais
Je Pense A Vous
Tous Les Garcons Ne Pensent Qu'aux Filles
On Revient Toujours
As-tu Fini De Pleurer
Il A Besoin D'une Lecon
Depuis Je Pense A Toi
Il Revient, Mon Copain
Ne Sois Pas Jaloux
Un, Deux, Trois

also included in download is single Les Cover Girls

all with the fab Michel Colombier, a man responsible of many a yéyé classic, overseeing production. While the songs never reach the pefection of "Amoureux...." - Laura gives every one her own special charm - which you can view for yourself on this scopiotone by way of the 'tube. Sadly I cannae embed directly! Hmmmmm what's left? The download? Well you'll find it below!