Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Swiss Yé-Yé of Josiane Rey!

Time for another French (or French speaking to be exact) maiden to grace these humble pages - and the honour this week goes to a Swiss belle by the name of Josiane Rey! Mlle. Rey is an elusive character to track down, however what is known is that she released 3 EP's and one single on the Swiss Arpege label circa 1967. Her recordings range from the swinging homage to aeronautics (En Jet) to the Cossack inspired Casatchok de la Volga to dulcet ballad of Reste Dans Mo Coeur. Other highlights include the fab Notre Amour A Dormi Tout Un Hiver and the ace Elapostrofaemo-uere. In the download you'll find all 3 EP's for your delight! The rundown looks like this.....

Josiane Rey (Aperge 4501)

Sous Les Lampions

Notre Amour A Dormi Tout Un Hiver

En Jet

C'est Bon

Josiane Rey (Aperge 4502)

Tambours Battant

Non Monsieur

Le Petit Porte-bonheur

Reste Dans Mon Coeur

Josiane Rey (Aperge 4503)

Un Medaillon

Par La Tendresse


Casatchok de la Volga

Accompany Josiane on her recordings is the talented Alain Morisod, except or her last one where Andre Borli takes the helm! Josiane nowadays maybe be a doctor or botique owner - who knows! I hope you very much enjoy what musical career she did undertake! Included also in the download are some high-quality scans of the sleeves - as they quite groovy!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Same - Just Not The Same

Another female band that the sixties, in particular the late sixties, gave birth to were a high school quintet that went by the name of The Same. Hailing from the Arlington Heights area in Illinois, they managed to record at least one single at the Valentine Studios in California, the release Sunshine, Flowers and Rain/If You Love Me, Really Love Me. Members included Judy Selman (lead gt.), Debbie Reiss (rhythm gtr.), Vicki Selman (bass gtr.) , Donna Smelak (drums) and Vicki Hubly (lead singer). The group toured several towns in their homestate, and various venues in Chicago, including The New Place, The Crimson Cougar, and the Dark Spot while sharing the bill with bands such as The Cryin' Shames and Michael and the Messengers. Judging by the paisley glory of the girls threads they tried to encapsulate that flower power vibe flowing at the time - plus if you download the songs you'll hear how they pull the same thing off with their sound! Other outfits included pink 'poor' sweaters and maroon skirts. A newspaper article from the time explains that the girls were not allowed to pratice during the week, but their parents do not object alltogether as they see it as an overall postive experience for them. While not performing the girls enjoyed ordinary teenage activities including listening to records, going to dances and talking on the phone in-between doing homework.

While not anything spectacular, they're still another fascinating entry in the annals of 60's female bands! As one student at the time comments "I think 'The Same' is groovy, and they show what really good music a group consisting entirely of girls can produce"!