Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Linda Gayle Collection

One of the most intruiging and stand out of all the artists featured on the Girls in the Garage series, certainly one of the most racaus was a certain Linda naturally I had to dig deeper! Information, certainly in-depth information, on Ms Gayle is sadly none too forth coming - however I have mananged to collate a number of singles from her career during the 60's and now two fab videos of Linda herself have surfaced on YouTube - woop!

The two songs featured on GITG, Maggie's Farm and I've Got My Mojo Working, are the strongest faire, Stop, however another two singles, Stop, Look, Listen/Goodnight Irene, and Where Have You Been/Twist and Shout feat. the Duke of Coventry are certainly top pickings too. Her other records took a more mellow, slightly country pace - suiting the tone of her voice perhaps, and are well worth a listen too. Here's what's included in the bunch -

Baby Don't Go/Would It Make Any Difference To You (Columbia 44140)
Goodnight Irene/Stop, Look, Listen (CBS 43359)
Wishing It Was You/ (Columbia 43659)
Maggie's Farm/I've Got My Mojo Working (Columbia 43462)
Where Have You Been/Twist and Shout (feat. The Duke of Coventry) (Columbia 43854)
True Love Like Daddy's Love/The One That Stands By Me (Pompeii 66699)