Thursday, 13 May 2010

The All Girl Latin Beat of Las Mosquitas!

One of the most talented female bands I've had the joy to come across have been four fab females from the fair country of Argentina - behold, Las Mosquitas! Comprising of Pupé, Nita, Nené and Diana - their appropriation of traditional Latin rhythms with beat backed with solid playing skills works a treat! Pupé, 20 (at the time of the recording of their album), came from the distinguished Saltena family, loved to cook and was characterised by a melancholy, almost sad persona. She studied classical music from an early age till she dropped Liszt's sonatas for the modern rhythms! Nita, 21, hailed from Buenos Aires. By her parents' will she studies classical music and ballet until she discovered the "twist." However apparently it did not stop her pursuing some late night hobbies - philosophy and painting! Nené, 20, was the shy member of the group. She abandoned her plans to study medicine when at the age of 14 she decided she wanting to don a habit and become a Nun - almost! The notes also urge young bachelors to note that Nené's final cleaning! Final member Dina, 18, is the most joyous and playful of the group - preferring too to be pampered and spoiled by her those around her. Hailing from La Rioja - she left school and headed to the capital to carve out a career in the music industry. All girls sing while Nené and Pupé strum guitar, while Nita wields the bass and Dina drums the drums. Here's what the English blurb had to say about the fab foursome ::

There's something international about the music of today. You can hear the blues inflection in that Liverpool sound. The Motown beat is distinctive and distinguished. There are young groups and new sounds in Germany and Australia and Japan. It's happening all over the world these days.

The music of today is happening in Argentina, too. There it's a totally new sound. This time it combines a Latin beat with Rock. This is the sound and style of Las Mosquitas, four young an attractive beatle-haired girls who sing an shake their way to fervent performances. They've affected audiences in Spain and Latin-America and other European arenas.

This is the first album of a collection of Las Mosquitas songs. Included is Si Llorar Si Ries, which won first prize at the San Remo festival.

These four girls do it all by themselves. They have the traditional musical combination, 2 guitars, a bass guitar and drums. There is nothing timid or dainty about their approach. These talented females come upon each song with fresh and dramatic accompaniment. They engender a weird and wonderful feeling.

Few people - once they hear Las Mosquitas - fail to be moved by the vitality and warmth of their performances. They've given birth to an intense music. It's most unusual.

Somethign new is coming out of South America these days. It's not traditional Latin tempo. This time it's the sound of Las Mosquitas - four beautiful girls who sing and play a Latin-Rock rhythm that will keep the youth of the world bouncing.
And now to the music! You can preview three tracks here.... And download their full sole album below!


Anonymous said...

You never stop with the amazing music!!! I have both 45T Matt, and believe me, I never wanted so much to listen to them! Thanks!


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Thanks JP! I just wish I spoke some español! :]

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Thank you. I've never heard of them.

Il Idioto said...

Thank you very much for this.

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